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The broiler hatching eggs are of high quality parent stocks of Arbor Acres & Hubbard , produced by uniformed parents for production of broilers.

The eggs are free from contagious and epidemic diseases and that is confirmed with Veterinary Certificate.

They are clear of any crack holes and dirt, and more importantly all the breeders [both layers & broilers] are kept in cages and all females are artificially inseminated thus assuring us a fertility of not less than 95%.

And as a result, hatchability of not less than 82 % has been widely reported by our customers* even in ordinary hatching machine and under average management conditions.

We supply broiler hatching eggs across India and more than 50% of our production is being exported to several countries like Sultanate Of Oman, Bahrain, Bhutan, Nigeria, Nairobi and other African countries.

The layer hatching eggs are of Hyline W-36 parents, the world leader in layers with more than 45% market share.

*Please note: The above said hatchability can be easily achieved in case of timely shipment, clearance , proper storage & proper transportation of hatching eggs.

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S.No 81/1, Avalnaickenpatty,
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Namakkal District

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