Animal Feeds

Our first feed plant was opened more than three decades ago and now we have built a modern plant in line with the latest technologies and mechanisms available. We are one of the largest procurers of Maize, Soya, Rice, Dry fish and Sun flower Oil cake in our region. We produce both Layer and Broiler feed that are healthy and have high nutritional value for the flocks.

In the last few decades, the Indian poultry industry has evolved from a small-scale off-farm activity to an intensive commercial farming. Our Poultry Feed and concentrates are formulated by using superior quality grains, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to address the growing demand for poultry meat and eggs.

The Broiler Feed helps the birds to obtain optimum body weight gain and better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) for the farmers. Our Layer Feed helps in meeting the nutritional needs of birds at each life-stage and also helps in achieving the optimum egg production of the flock.

We have established our own Feed Laboratory to keep a check on the quality of the finished product. This laboratory also helps us to analyse the nutrient composition of the raw materials purchased for production. We have been striving to produce high-quality poultry feed at the lowest cost possible.